Service Range

Levenhagen Oil offers our full range of Fuel, Oil and Lubrication services to the full Fox Valley and surrounding areas, from Green Bay in the north to Fond du Lac in the south, and from Brillion in the east to Waupaca in the west.

LubricationAdvanced AnalyticsEquipment
Paper Machine Oils, FM Fire-Resistant Hydraulic Oils, Metal-working Fluids and Coolants, Rust Preventatives Used Oil Analysis, Extended Drain Analysis

Oil Handling Equipment

Full Line of Synthetic Oil, Quench Oils Failure Analysis Lube Oil Dispensing Equip
Compressor Oils, Refrigeration Oil Technical Seminars Oils Absorbent Materials
H1-Food grade Oils and Greases Root Cause Analysis

Oil and Lube Transfer Pumps

Industrial Gear Oils Computer Assisted Maintenance Programs (CAMP) Filtration Rentals
HD Diesel Engine Oils, DEF Oil Room Consolidation DEF Pumps and Equipment
Automotive Engine Oils, Transmission Fluids, Antifreeze/Coolants/HD/ELC Inventory Reduction Assistance Fuel Dispensing Equipment
Kimberly Point Lighthouse, WI